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Brew Five sorts and picks out the best craft beers and coffee based on your tastes and preferences. Taping into our experts wealth of knowledge and experts you can find recommendations from master baristas and craft brewers. To get started simply enter in your email to join our exclusive connoisseur club.


A Match Made in Heaven

Ever go into a coffee shop or brewery and be overwhelmed by the number of choices on offer? Yeah we know…we’ve been there too. We all want to make the right choice, but these days we often feel pressured or rush when we into a shop or bar.

That’s why we made an app that decides for you what coffee you should buy or what beer you should drink. A sophisticated algorithm will match a beverage according to the answers you give to a few questions. And that’s it. No anxitey about making the right choice, or worrying about holding up the queue whilst you’re deciding. The app takes care of everything for you, leaving you to sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee or beer.

What we offer?

Coffee Roasters

Giving you that much needed kick start to your day, coffee roasting is an artform and one that our network of craft coffee roasters take very seriously. Our app picks their brains to give their top picks. For example, if you want to find the best coffee roasters Sydney in seconds, our app does it all for you.

Brew Gear

Thinking of getting started with craft beer brewing? Or perhaps you want to make the perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of your home. Our app can also advise on the best grew for your needs.

Craft Brewers

Never sure which craft beer to go for at the liquor store or bar. With so much choice on offer, the world of craft beer has become a bit of a minefiield. Our app separates the wheat from the chaff, leaving just the top picks based on your tastes.


Are you a coffee roasters or micro-brewwery. Interested in partnering with us? We are always on the look out for experts in their field. Sign-up via our partner page

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