Can I Build Muscle At Home

Most people have quite tight schedules that make it difficult to get time for job and family responsibilities. The 2 constraints also make it difficult to get at the gym daily. However, this isn’t an excuse for giving up your dream of building your muscles at home. We have very many ways of building your muscles at home through training and exercise. Below are some top exercises that can help you build muscle at home:

1. Standard push-ups


These exercises have been there for quite some decades and are still effective when it comes to building muscle. The standard push-ups work well for your triceps, shoulders, and chest muscles. They’re easy to perform because you just need to incline and decline bench press. If you want to learn about standard push-ups, you can click here for more info

2. Biceps curls with a single arm

This is a simple exercise where you’re required to use something such as a towel to tie one arm and then grasp it using the other arm.

You should pull down the towel when trying to curl your biceps. Ensure you switch to your other arm after you get muscle burns.

3. Basic chin-up


If you want to build muscle by performing overhand and underhand chin-up and pull-ups, ensure you look for household objectives such as a basement pipe, overhead door jam, among others.

4. Squats

Squats are among the most impressive exercises for building muscle at home. Although it may sound painful or awkward to exercise without any additional weight, you can actually achieve your muscle-building goals.

What you just need to do is to hold a wall, and squat down the more you can and then return to your normal standing position. During this exercise, you’ll be able to work out your quads, calves, hamstring, and flutes.In conclusion, these are some of the top exercises to help you build muscle at home.