Get into the Holiday Spirit: 5 Amazing, Easy-to-Make Champagne Cocktails

The holidays are finally coming. And, that means it’s time for cocktails! Certainly, you can go for James Bond’s favourite Martini, White Russian, or another popular cocktail. But, winter holidays aren’t simple festivities. There’s a touch of glamour to them, and they should be followed by an appropriate classy drink. So, it’s time to try champagne cocktails, and here are our top five picks.


Blushing Mimosa 

Mimosa is a like a good mother-in-law: it works great at brunch, weddings, and even business events. It’s a mix of fruit juice and champagne with a sweet pomegranate, creating a sweet-tasting drink. To prepare a Blushing Mimosa pour 4 oz of combined orange and pineapple juice into a chilled flute. Then, add grenadine and top it off with just a tad of champagne, allowing everything to sink into the glass. Its simplicity and unique yet familiar flavour are the main culprits behind its popularity. Just follow the recipe, and don’t forget to add grenadine. It’s a perfect treat for a smaller gathering or an office party.


Champagne Cocktails

Champagne Mojito 

One of the most popular cocktails and drinks, Mojito, comes with a champagne twist on it. This Cuban drink is sweet and refreshing, with rum and mint creating exquisite taste. Preparing this cocktail is a tad harder than preparing other drinks on this list. But, you’ll be grateful if you are brave enough for some kitchen alchemy. You’ll have to do two things, make the sugar syrup and later mix everything together. To cook the syrup, you have to combine water and sugar and stir them on high heat till the sugar dissolves in the water. After that, add mint leaves and lime wedges, white rum, cracked ice, and top everything with champagne. The ever-popular summer drink will spice up your holiday. Though it sounds complicated to prepare, give it a try. 


Mango and Raspberry Bellini 

As the ingredients suggest, this is a rather tasty drink. The traditional Italian drink became prominent due to its sweet taste and unlimited fruit combinations. While the traditional recipe insists on the use of the peach as the main ingredient, the mango and raspberry combination is undeniably tastier. For this cocktail, you’ll need fresh fruit or a cup of mango and raspberries. Additionally, you can add either coconut sugar or another sweetener. Preparation is easy since you need to blend fruit with a cup of water and champagne until the mixture becomes smooth enough to drink. People love this cocktail since it’s so easy to prepare, and you can change it enough to suit your tastes. It’s a fantastic beverage to season up your Christmas morning.   

Champagne Cocktails

Honey Apple Rose Sangria

Finally, before you decide to order champagne and start making cocktails, give this drink a try. It’s a fantastic yet traditional drink, great for lazy mornings and steady evenings alike. The Honeycrisp apples are a tasty treat from which the sangria will get its potent aroma. It’s probably the easiest drink to prepare on the list, since you just have to pour ingredients into the pitcher, and you’re done. Get apple and orange slices, red wine, apple cider, and a pinch of cinnamon. Pour them into the pitcher and top it off with champagne. Let it rest in the fridge and serve it cold. It’s tasty, as it is easy to prepare. 


The French 75 

It’s a legendary World War I drink immortalized in the cult-classic Casablanca. The French 75, or simply the French, is a refreshing drink that packs a punch. Unlike most champagne cocktails, it doesn’t have that overly sweet taste. To prepare it, you need a cocktail shaker. Pour gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and shake for 20 seconds. Then, pour the mixture into a cold champagne glass and top it with champagne. Finally, garnish it with a lemon peel and enjoy it cold. Contrary to the popular opinion that these kinds of cocktails are girly drinks, the French 75 is going to put hair on your chest. It’s a fantastic, classic cocktail made from simple ingredients that are going to lighten up the mood in a bar and house party alike.


There you have it. Just don’t forget to be a responsible drinker. Cheers!