Healthy Party Snacks Guide

If you’re planning a party, you have plenty to think about. You have to come up with the perfect playlist for the crowd you’re inviting, put up some decorations, and perhaps even figure out what the theme of the party will be. However, you should also give the food you’ll serve some serious thought. When coming up with the list of possible snacks, don’t forget how much you value your well-being and how much time and effort you normally invest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it’s likely that many of your guests do the same. So, take a look at these healthy party snacks you and your friends will love.

Be creative with your canapés 


Your canapés don’t have to have a high calorie count or be loaded with bad fats and sugar. Making them lighter and more nutritious doesn’t have to mean they’ll be any less delicious or that they can’t look amazing. In fact, they can look very appealing and be finger-lickin’ good. For instance, if you slice some cucumbers and top them with some low-fat cheese and spices, you’ll get a colorful and refreshing bite-sized snack. Similarly, you can serve grilled zucchini or eggplant slices with a nice combo of tomatoes and basil, or with some hummus. There are also some recipes for healthy devilled eggs you can rely on, or you can prepare some stuffed button mushrooms for your friends And if you really want to use some bread, opt for whole-grain or rustic bread, preferably toasted, and use ingredients such as fresh veggies, salmon or tofu as toppings for your lovely canapés.

Have some fun with wraps

Another all-time party favorite is a good wrap. However, the traditional ones can be pretty unhealthy, so it’s up to you to be imaginative and adjust them to your needs and requirements. One thing you can start with is switching from standard tortillas to whole-wheat ones you can easily make at home, packing them with some nourishing and low-carb and low-fat ingredients. If you stick to lean protein, veggies and even fruit, you’ll do great. On the other hand, if you want finger food which requires some serious skill, time and patience to make, and you aren’t really sure if you’re the right person for that kind of work, you might want to consider looking for some professional help, especially if you live in one of the capitals of the world. For instance, you can find some off-the-charts catering companies in NYC which make wraps which are really works of art. That way you’ll get to enjoy thin zucchini slices rolled with goat cheese, avocado and sunflower seed, watermelon radish wraps with horseradish whipped cream and caramelized onions. Serving such delicacies will make you the topic of conversation among your guests for months to come.

Use your shot glasses well


Shot glasses don’t have to be used for tequila only. You can put them to good use by serving some healthy appetizers or deserts inside them. A good example are various dips you can fill the shot glasses with. Depending on the type of the dip, you can add some veggie sticks, thin pieces of grilled chicken or turkey, or a shrimp to it. You can also make mini-salads by placing some chopped vegetables with some dressing in the shot glasses. If course, a mini bamboo party fork with each little salad serving is a must. On the other hand, these glasses can also prove to be useful if you’re looking for a way to make your deserts more inviting and sized perfectly. You can fill the shot glasses halfway with some home-made caramel sauce and top it off with an apple slice, or you can make anything from mini berry cheesecakes, to fresh fruit salad. The more colorful these shot-glass snacks are, the better they’ll look and more people will reach for them throughout the evening. 

There are so many healthy options for party snacks, that it would be a crying shame not to make some of them for your guests. So, next time you host a party, make sure that the food looks incredible and promotes good health at the same time.