What Is The Strongest Coffee You Can Buy?

The desire to get an extra kick to keep you moving throughout the day is not new. Having strong coffee in the morning will not only keep you attentive but also rejuvenated.

With a range of coffee types to choose from, it can be quite daunting to know which one is stronger. The bigger question should be, what makes coffee stronger? Here are key determinants of strong coffee.

1. Type of Coffee Bean

The effect of the type of coffee is quite widespread. Considering the two main species of coffee, arabica and Robusta, the former beans are associated with better quality.


However, the Robusta beans feature a stronger as well as bitter-earth taste. If you are after a sweet and fruity flavor, arabica will be a perfect choice. For stronger and more caffeine, Robusta beans will be a perfect choice. In fact, it has twice as much caffeine content as the former.

2. Type of Roast

Ranging from light, medium to dark coffee roasts, you will need to choose coffee based on your preferences. These roasts are often subjective.

Dark coffee roasts are roasted for much longer thence losing a considerable amount of mass, which removes significant caffeine amounts.

While dark roast coffee tastes bitter, it should not be taken as strong. Stronger coffee is made during brewing and not necessarily when roasting. With good coffee makers and equipment from a site like Fried Coffee, it will be easier to make quality, strong and tasty coffee.

3. The Beverage

Drip coffee and espresso, which is stronger? Drip coffee often contains about 70mg of caffeine while espresso has 60mg in every ounce.


Ideally, strong coffee will be dependent on a blend of the aforementioned aspects. Medium roast, drip coffee that is made from Robusta will, therefore, be much stronger and ideal.